The Millefrutti Farming Company emerged at the start of the 1980s at Isola della Scala (Verona), just 50 km from the Coelsanus Company, in an area known as among the most fertile and most suited to farming.

It was established with the aim of operating as a farming company while maintaining the concept of a short Italian distribution chain, which is to say the direct relationship between the producer, the produce companies, and the final consumer.

Over time, it has always respected and embraced:
  • the preservation of working in the countryside and maintenance of the capabilities of the artisanal culture.
  • respect and conservation of the environment through the development of agricultural conventions and the use of natural resources that are compatible with and useful for the land.

Today, it is one of the best Italian agricultural organisations:
•  Specialised in the production of Basil, Maggioline Onions and Borettane Onions.
•  It boasts the uniqueness of a complete distribution chain for the production of Borettane Onions.
•  50 employees.
•  More than 10,000 tonnes of vegetables grown and transformed.
•  250 hectares of farmland.
•  More than 10,000 sq.m. of covered structures.

Strada Provinciale Provinciale 22, N. 1, 37063 Isola Della Scala (VR)