“Conserving the flavour of fresh vegetables, rich in sunlight and freshly harvested with humane care, has been our passion for 60 years.”

The Coelsanus Company and its long story emerged from this foundation.

We have always sought to offer healthy, natural produce, with authentic flavours, starting from a careful, meticulous selection of the INGREDIENTS:

  • Our vegetables grown in an special terrain that is recognised as among the most fertile and with the best climate for farming.
  • We mostly use ingredients that are grown directly by local farmers or in the fields owned by the group (Millefrutti Farming Company).
  • The vegetables are picked from the fields at the right moment of ripening and used within 24 hours of arriving in our factories.

It is with these principles that we have created the Grilled products, among the first in Italy:
•  We use only fresh vegetables.
•  Processed within 24 hours of arrival.
•  They undergo a slow grilling in three stages to preserve their aroma and flavour:
    - The vegetables are first dried out at low temperature, then grilled, and finally roasted.
•  Each vegetable has its own grilling timing and temperature so as to maintain its original flavour and achieve a perfect cooking.

For this reason, we like to say that