“We create our products together with you.”

It is our policy to study, create and select products together with our Clients and Partners, from the largest and most important, to those for a smaller and more exclusive market.

This is all thanks to the care and experience accumulated over the years, to the capability of the Research and Development department, to the attention to customer service, and to the numerous products created and developed throughout our history as a company.

We have produced Private Label for more than 60 years and we can ensure Quality, great Dependability and an International Know-How that arises from our presence in more than 30 countries.
Moreover, we have several uniquenesses, such as the Millefrutti Farming Company supply chain, the use of fresh vegetables, the growing of basil on our own land for pesto production.

We provide a wide variety of jars of different shapes and sizes.

From 106 ml up to 1,700 ml.