We were born under a “clean and healthy sky” on 8 September 1955.
The Latin name Coelsanus has its origin in the heraldic crest of the region, here. Thanks to an unusual air circulation, the sky is always free of the haze of the Po valley, creating a microclimate that is able to enrich the flavours of the produce of the land.


The Coelsanus production activity begins with the exclusive mass production of canned vegetables.

The first important transformation, with production in glass jars and with twist-off capsules.

It is the year of the first production enlargement, up to 10,000 square metres covered with new and “modern” production plants.

The years of new growth with the birth of the Tree of Goodness and the launch of the specialities preserved in oil, but also of investment in television advertising (1983).

Important years for a new production enlargement and for the launch of an innovative line of grilled vegetables that make Coelsanus stand out still today. The beginnings of the first Export activities.

The current structure of the company is determined, further growth, and a new warehouse. International certifications attesting to the quality of Coelsanus are achieved.

The year of launching the Carciofottimo and the product line of vegetables in cider vinegar.

Construction of the production plant for pestos and sauces.

Market launch for two new product lines: Sauces and Pestos.

Coelsanus adopts a new look! The graphic design of all the product lines is redesigned.